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Welcome to The Expat Professional Investment Club

The Expat Professional Investment Club (EPIC) is not a company but an educational club.It was founded in 2009 and is non profit making. EPIC functions to benefit international expatriates with personal financial education.Since it’s inception it has helped numerous members to fully understand their investments through easy to understand courses which are held on a regular basis at the same time as protecting them from “At Risk” investment funds. Our members mainly consist of investors who wish to increase their growth, lower the costs and gain a full understanding of how to protect themselves from mistakes on their existing portfolios , and new investors wishing to increase their knowledge before making the plunge. New clubs are being formed in numerous places around Asia and introductory seminars are held on a regular basis to give potential new members an opportunity to obtain more information and to ask any questions before joining. For people who require our help, we run a free advice helpline which can answer any investment related questions.

The Clubs are free to join and there is no selling at any courses or meetings.