Member Comments

“I have recommended the club to a number of my colleagues and have no reservation recommending it to anybody who wants to improve their finances . Easy to understand courses which are full of information and are fun to be involved in”
“Over the years I have had a constant stream of different financial brokers advising me ‘ I must do this or that ‘ I eventually  realised most of the advice given was motivated by commissions. The expat investment club has taught me how to choose my advisor and what questions should be asked before investing. Thank you” 
“The courses offered by E.P.I.C are easy to understand even for a novice like myself. Highly recommend “
“It is madness. We spend a large portion of our life working to make money and very little or no time learning how to protect it .  The club has enabled me to put my finances in order for the first time in 30 years “
 “I am recovering from 10-15 years of poor advice and lack of post investment care and attention from financial advisors motivated by commissions,Club meeting have allowed me to start to recover from this.
“I attended my first club meeting recently and ‘WoW’, it has made me realise that I have  a lot to learn in order to be able to get the best out of my investments”